Chippa Wilson Wins Air Show at VQS Championships


Encinitas, California (May 17, 2011) - Amidst heavy metal, spandex, and rocker hair, Australian Chippa Wilson made spectators take notice in Newport Beach, California during the Air Show at Volcom's "Totally Twisted Crustaceans of Metal" VQS World Championships.  In tough wind-blown conditions, the 23-year-old found some low tide ramps and consistently landed fully rotated airs and pop shove-its at 54th Street.  Chippa got a warm welcome from California this weekend with his win and $2,000 in prize money.

Known for his skate-influenced style, Chippa threw down the most explosive display of surfing seen throughout the event.  The final battle for the Air Show win was fiercely contested in a field of solid surfers from around the US, Hawaii and Brazil.  With viral surf edits and air show contest results, Chippa is making a name as one of the most technical surfers pushing the aerial movement.

Chippa is currently filming for the Analog Clothing Team movie following the brand's success of "NOW", a Chippa Wilson signature film released December 2010.  He will be featured in the highly anticipated "Lost Atlas" Kai Neville film, premiering this Summer at the US Open of Surfing.  In between filming and movie premieres, catch Chippa in his hometown of Carbarita Beach, NSW, Australia where he is pushing surfing's profession one wave at a time.




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